Due to the adaptation of our Laboratory to the new guidelines of the PN-EN ISO 8655:2022 standard, there has been a change in the Calibration Order form. Please download the latest version of the file.

Corning HTL SA is pleased to announce that its calibration laboratory on the 21st of December 2016 has attained accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard by the Polish Centre of Accreditation. The Certificate confirms effectiveness of the quality management system, and also accuracy and reliability of tests within the laboratory for piston pipettes calibration.

General conditions of service

Corning HTL laboratory performs calibration of piston pipettes using gravimetric method, according to the EN ISO 8655-6:2022 Standard. The measuring procedure based on performance of a series of 10 measurements for 3 tested volumes (according to EN ISO 8655-6:2022)

Calibration Certificate Sample

The range of measured volumes:

  • from 0,2 µL to 20 µL
  • from 20 µL to 50 µL
  • from 50 µL to 250 µL
  • from 250 µL to 1000 µL
  • from 1000 µL to 5000 µL
  • from 5000 µL to 10000 µL


Step 1. Fill the Calibration Order Form.

  • For new pipettes, please print only the Calibration Order Form.
  • For used pipettes, please additionally complete and attach the Decontamination Form.

Step 2. Send the completed form to:

Step 3. Submit an approved offer to the Calibration Service

Step 4. Send the pipettes to the address:


Daniszewska 4

03-230 Warszawa


Step 5.  The Calibration will be performed within 10 working days of receipt of the pipettes by the Laboratory.

All information obtained in the course of providing the service to the Customer is protected and the customer is guaranteed that this information will not be disclosed to anyone without a written order or consent from him. Each calibration service performed in the Laboratory is carried out in a repeatable, impartial manner and each client is served with equal care.

The customer has the right to submit complaints and remarks concerning the activity of the Laboratory as well as complaints concerning the order being carried out. The complaints should be submitted in writing to the address: Corning HTL SA SERWIS, 4 Daniszewska Street, 03-230 Warsaw or by e-mail to: Complaints will be investigated within 14 days from the moment of delivering the written notification.


Corning HTL SA provides services of liquid dispensers: warranty and post-warranty repair and calibration and guarantees the availability of spare parts for 5 years after completion of their production. Corning HTL SA and authorized distributors accepts all HTL equipment for servicing.

General comments:

Pipette calibration during the warranty period are treated as post-warranty services. The Quality Certificate is issued for each calibrated pipette as a result of the calibration.
Non-warranty repairs are granted a 12-month warranty service (confirmed on the Warranty Card).
Claim Form is necessary for admission a pipette to the Service. The completed Claim Form must be supplied with a device and send to the Service. Fulfilment of the “Declaration of decontamination” is particularly important and should provide following information:

  • Conditions under which the product has been used (type of research or a list of applied solutions)
  • Type of laboratory sterilization
  • Statement confirming that the product is cleaned properly

NOTE: Before you send a product, make sure that the product can be safely returned and it is not a threat to the public because of contamination with dangerous reagents (chemicals, radioactive materials, microbiological). Before shipping the product should undergo appropriate decontamination. It should be safely and tightly packed. Fully filled Claim Report is the essential requirement to accept instrument for service.

A report form should consist of the following information:

  • Customer or distributor contact data
  • Description of the item, service type, and claim