Spare parts
Genuine and High-quality

HTL Liquid Handling products are very precise measurement devices and they may be subject to various unnoticed improper interactions, even under ideal laboratory conditions. It is strongly recommended for the laboratory equipment to be inspected and maintained at least once a year by authorized service. This will ensure its correct and precise work during the life of the product. HTL offers services including maintenance, calibration and repairs. All available to a wide range of HTL products manufactured at present and in the past.

  • Factory-authorized repair and calibration services
  • High-quality genuine spare parts
  • Calibrated according to ISO 8655 standard
  • Each product delivered with individual certificate of accuracy and precision to guarantee the standard.


Product Cat. No.
Fixed and Variable Volume Pipettor Series
Calibration key (Discovery Pro) 19674
Calibration key (Discovery Comfort) 29334
Calibration key (Labmate Pro) 9479
Calibration key (Optipette) 19485
Calibration key (Clinipet+) 9174
Lubricant – 1.5g 29019
Lubricant – 30g 29021
Color-coded rings, 6 pcs 19630
Protective filter for 5 and 10 mL pipettors, 10 pcs 19476
Shelf clip for one pipettor (Discovery Comfort, Clinipet+) 19451
Shelf clip for one pipettor (Discovery Pro, Labmate Pro, Optipette) 19483
Swiftpet Pro Pipet Controller
Charging stand SP29056
Pipettor holder SP29054
Nosepiece SP29053
Battery cover with “wings” SP29064
Micro filter 0.20 µm, pack of 5 SP9143
Micro filter 0.45 µm, pack of 5 SP9144
Universal charger 9V type: EU, US, UK, AU SP29100
Hanger SP9029
HTL Mini Microcentrifuge
Rotor for 8 x 1.5 / 2.0 mL tubes 6770-RT
Rotor for 4 x 0.2 mL strip tubes 6770-RTS
Individual adapters for 0.2 mL tubes, fits in rotor 6770-RT 6770-RTA.20
Individual adapters for 0.25 mL tubes, fits in rotor 6770-RT 6770-RTA.25
Individual adapters for 0.5 mL tubes, fits in rotor 6770-RT 6770-RTA.5
Power adapter, 24 V 401025
Minilab 201 Repetitive Dispenser
Adapter for 25 mL syringe tips (red) 5710
Adapter for 50 mL syringe tips (grey) 5709