Surprisingly, the purchase of an automatic pipettor is not a simple task. When you make the choice you should consider both parameters, as well as the skills of the pipettor user. For example, in research, where precision is particularly important, it is the 4-digit counter and volume lock that would really matter. But for people who are just learning to work with a pipettor it would be important to use a pipettor with perceptible pipetting stops to minimize the risk of error. The following table compares the features of all the variable volume pipettors currently offered by Corning HTL.

Pipettor series comparison by product feature

Discovery Pro

Discovery pro pipettor series

Discovery Comfort

Discovery comfort pipettor series

Labmate Pro

Labmate pro pipettor series


Optipette pipettor series

Volume range (single-channel) 0.1 – 1,000 µL 0.1 – 10,000 µL 0.1 – 10,000 µL 0.1 – 10,000 µL
Volume range (multi-channel) 0.5 – 300 µL 0.5 – 300 µL 0.5 – 300 µL 0.5 – 300 µL
Counter type 4-digits 3-digits 3-digits 3-digits
Pipetting forces Ultra low Low, soft spring system Low, soft spring system Well perceptible pipetting stops
Autoclavability Fully Fully Fully Lower parts
UV-resistance Yes Yes Yes Yes
User recalibration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Volume setting system Pushbutton Pushbutton + knob Pushbutton + knob Knob
Volume lock Yes Yes No No
Tip ejector height adjustment
(concerns single channel pipettors only)
No, long ejector stroke Yes Yes Yes, additional spacers
Universal shafts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Thermal insulation Yes No No No
Colour coding Yes Yes Yes No
Weight* 80 g 100 g 100 g 92 g
Shaft length** 140 mm 147 mm 147 mm 147 mm
Filters in 0.5-5 and 1-10 mL models N/A Yes Yes Yes
Models available (single-channel) 6 10 10 10
Models available (multi-channel) 4 x 8-ch / 4 x 12-ch 4 x 8-ch / 4 x 12-ch 4 x 8-ch / 4 x 12-ch 4 x 8-ch / 4 x 12-ch
Sets availability Starter 4-pack Starter 4-pack

Starter Kit

Starter Kit Bio

Starter 4-pack Starter 4-pack

*For pipettor 200 µL.

**The length of 200 µL pipettor’s shaft with a tip attached. When the ejector is disassembled there is possibility to work with long narrow tubes.