CLINIPET+ fixed volume pipettes are available in 17 models from 5 μL up to 1000 μL. The handle and mechanism have been especially designed for fixed volume pipettes. The pipette features reduced pipetting forces and excellent accuracy and precision combined with highly durable, UV resistant and fully autoclavable body.

  • Contoured shape of the handle, equipped with a finger-hook guarantee correct grip reducing wrist strain and fatigue
  • Unique sliding tip ejector button reduces tip ejection forces
  • Low pipette weight and soft springs system provides comfort at work, even during long pipetting series
  • Easy removable tip ejector allows working with narrow tubes
  • Reliable sealing system ensures reliability of results
  • Built-in user-recalibration system allows matching of the pipette for your specific application.


Image Product Cat. no.
pipette_stand CAROUSEL 5484 Carousel stand 5484
pipette_stand MULTIPLE 5449 Multiple stand 5449
pipette_stand plexi 5479 Plexi 1-position stand 5479
pipette_stand plexi 5480 Plexi 4-position stand 5480
wieszak do DV_CP_19451 Pipette hanger 19451
Spare part Cat. no. Packaging (pcs per case)
Calibration tool 9174 1
Lubricant – 1.5g 29019 1
Lubricant- 30g 29021 1

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